pelican prism-js

Prism as syntax highlighter

Marcelino Veloso III,

Review Pelican Markdown defaults

Pelican is presently at 4.8.0 and has a default setting that needs to be configured.

MARKDOWN = {  # default
    "extension_configs": {
        "markdown.extensions.codehilite": {"css_class": "highlight"},
        "markdown.extensions.extra": {},
        "markdown.extensions.meta": {},
    "output_format": "html5",

With the default, all markdown code blocks will have the following html markup:

  <code class=highlight>
      <!-- Your syntax here -->

Remove the css_class configuration:

    "extension_configs": {
        "markdown.extensions.codehilite": {},  # removed
        "markdown.extensions.extra": {},
        "markdown.extensions.meta": {},
    "output_format": "html5",

Add placeholder files

Set THEME_STATIC_DIR = "static" and in the desired theme, ensure the /static folder exists. In this folder, create empty placeholder files: prism.js and prism.css.

├── themes
│   ├── a-sample
│   │   ├── static
│   │   │   ├── prism.js
│   │   │   ├── prism.css

Connect the files above to the base.html template:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <!-- here -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ THEME_STATIC_DIR }}/prism.css" />
  <body><!-- .. --></body>
  <!-- here -->
  <script src="{{ THEME_STATIC_DIR }}/prism.js"></script>

Select languages

Visit prism. Choose style and languages.

Hello World

Copy/paste the terminal files

Two files will be usable post-selection and they map to the placeholder files we created earlier:

  1. prism.js
  2. prism.css

Copy and paste the contents of these files so that the base.html are linked to the generated javascript and css for each programming language selected.

Review markup

Now if I use the triple backticks ```language convention to highlight code, if the language I added is included in the css/js files linked to the base.html, the markup should be styled accordingly.