Marcelino Veloso III

I'm a lawyer, developer, and a consultant based in the Philippines. And this is my collection of tils, how-tos, and notes.

The last time I tried a personal blog was the dawn of the internet. Google was a startup, Geocities was still alive, and Dreamweaver was a thing.

I started to code again in 2019ish, sometime after law school. This is an attempt to write words, to remember code, in the futile hope that I don't forget them.

Selected Works

Legal text re-engineered for SQL-based trees


Parse PDF Supreme Court decision into segmentable text


Thin wrapper over Cloudflare Images API


Thin wrapper over Cloudflare R2 with some convenience functions


Boilerplate: Django +, styled by Tailwind, htmx-ed


Custom template tags for common html idioms in Django.

Authenticated learning management system with random snapshots for compliance


Experiment to merge sqlite-utils with pydantic


Regex-based docket- and report- styled citations based on Philippine Supreme Court decisions


Detect titles of Philippine statutes, generate a nested tree from its provisions; requires local file.