Marcelino Veloso III

I'm a lawyer, developer, and a consultant based in the Philippines. And this is my collection of tils, how-tos, and notes.

The last time I tried a personal blog was the dawn of the internet. Google was a startup, Geocities was still alive, and Dreamweaver was a thing.

I started to code again in 2019ish, sometime after law school. This is an attempt to write words, to remember code, in the futile hope that I don't forget them.

Selected Works

Legalese searchable via MS 365 Word Office taskpane plugin.


Parse PDF Supreme Court decision into segmentable text


Thin wrapper over Cloudflare Images API


Thin wrapper over Cloudflare R2 with some convenience functions


Boilerplate: Django +, styled by Tailwind, htmx-ed


Custom template tags for common html idioms in Django.

Authenticated learning management system with random snapshots for compliance


Regex-based docket- and report- styled citations based on Philippine Supreme Court decisions


Detect titles of Philippine statutes, generate a nested tree from its provisions; requires local file.


Apply ocr to pdf via pytesseract, opencv, and pdfplumber.