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Programming contexts

Marcelino Veloso III,

A dev scheduling, preparing, and attending a meeting is by now established canon to mean a break in focus and momentum. The need to shift contexts from moving digital sand to moving oneself in the real world exacts a toll.

I feel the same way even when programming, i.e. various coding subcultures:

I'm not sure there's a proper word to describe what I mean. Maybe someone smarter can supply it but I'm sure context is as good as any. Although I have a degree in computer science, I'm largely self-taught, re-learning how to code these last few years. I likely missed out on evolved nomenclature of these new shiny things of the web.

Context Focus
local Setting up virtual environment
ide Making the your editor work with your desired workflow
repl Using shells for purpose of testing partial code fragments
repo Transferring local setup to a repository
container Transferring the local setup to a container or orchestrating several containers
remote Transferring the local setup off-premise, e.g. cloud

Within the local context, there are of course the traditional subdivisions:

  1. Scripting business logic
  2. Switching languages: python, sql, css, js
  3. Switching from frontend to backend
  4. Adding tests and their nuances

Both language, context switching can become distracting after awhile. It causes a heaviness that, to me, is relieved only by leaving the computer and enabling a mental, maybe emotional, switch to occur. Much like the feeling of scheduling, preparing, and attending a meeting.